Tengger is the name of a deity who creates universe and represents the boundless welkin of North-Asia; and wolf, as the guardian of Tengger, is sent to keep the balance of the world and punish evil ones. Based on the ancient grassland tales, the name of the band Tengger Cavalry expresses deep admiration towards great nature and wolf, symbolizing the fighting spirit to protect the boundless grassland.

Created in 2010 by Nature Zhang, Tengger Cavalry explores its sound into unique combination – Throat Singing vocal line, Horse Head Fiddle melody, Dombra plucking and Pentatonic Modes, along with heavy distortion and thundering drum pattern – all creating the evocative scene of the grassland and its pagan culture when nomadic warriors, steeds and wolves danced across the great earth. The unique folk melodies and soundscapes Tengger Cavalry brings have broadened the domain of folk metal to a completely new level.

Deeply influenced by Shamanism and Buddhism, All songs of Tengger Cavalry are written to praise the grand of Mother Nature, the wisdom of Buddha, the valor of warrior and the glory of history.



Tengger Cavalry was initially formed as a one-man project of Nature Zhang by the time of 2010 and released an EP called Tengger Cavalry in the March of 2010. After the release of the first album Blood Sacrifice Shaman in September 2010, the band gained some attention and had reviews with international media including German magazine Legacy. Then the bassist Wei Wang joined in the band. Tengger Cavalry did one performance in Beijing as Nature Zhang being the Horse Head Fiddle player.

After one year’s silence Tengger Cavalry released 2 albums at the same time in November of 2011 as a one-man project again. Sunesu Cavalry (Chinese version) combines North-Asian folk song with heavy metal much more smoothly compared to the first album, and the sound quality along with mixing production improved vastly. Mantra is an experimental folk album using sorely acoustic instruments to interpret diverse kinds of North Asian folk music.

The release of the two album brought Tengger Cavalry with greater attention. In December of 2011, MTV published an article named Tengger Cavalry’s Black Metal For Pagan Hordes and gave high comments on the new works. At the same time, Chinese official media China National Radio gave high recommendation to the new songs of the band too. The success of the two albums brought the members together. The original bassist Wei Wang joined in the band again in the beginning of 2012, after which the drummer Kai Ding and Horse Head Fiddle player Xin Wang joined in and the band performed in Mao Live House (Beijing) in June 2012 as the first show around the past 2 years.

As the band continued to do rehearsal and performed frequently, more people gradually came to know Tengger Cavalry. In the December 2012, Tengger Cavalry signed with American metal label Metal Hell Records and released its first album Sunesu Cavalry in US & EU region with completely new artwork by Guannan Cao and Tianshu Liu and 3 new works composed by all the members, after which the UK metal magazine Terrorizer did reviews with the band.

In February of 2013 Tengger Cavalry released its newest album Black Steed in Chinese Region. This album is a completely whole-band work instead of single work of Nature Zhang, although Nature Zhang is still the main composer of all the songs, providing main themes and motives. Since Black Steed will not be released in US & EU region, Metal Hell Records release the second album of Tengger Cavalry in US & EU region The Expedition that incorporates 5 songs of Black Steed along with 5 newest unreleased tracks.

In March of 2013 Hasi join in the band as second fiddle player. In April of 2013 Tengger Cavalry attend the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Competition in China and won the Best Composer Awards. In May 22, Tengger Cavalry did opening show for CMR’s Finnish folk metal act Turisas in Beijing, China.

In 2014 Tengger Cavalry released its brand new album <Ancient Call>



Tengger Cavalry (EP) – Mar, 2010 – Dying Art Production, CN

Blood Sacrifice Shaman – Sep, 2010 – Dying Art Production, CN

Sunesu Cavalry – Nov, 2011 – Dying Art Production, CN

The Mantra – Nov, 2011 – Dying Art Production, CN

Sunesu Cavalry – Nov, 2012 – Metal Hell Records, US

Black Steed – Feb, 2013 – Dying Art Production, CN

The Expedition – Jun, 2013 – Metal Hell Records, US

Ancient Call- Feb, 2014 – Metal Hell Records, US

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